2020 Itinerary
February 9th-            Bethel Tabernacle Apostolic Church-Indianapolis,IN
                                     District Eld. Alfred Amos-Pastor
                                     Youth Sunday
                                     Guest Psalmist-11:30am
                                    Fresh Wind Release Encounter-Indianapolis,IN 
                                    Original Church of God
                                    Guest Host-6pm
2019 Itinerary
January 20th-            100 Men Evangelism Service
                                     Cathedral of Praise Church-Nashville, TN                  
                                     Bishop Jerry L. Maynard Sr.-Pastor
                                     Guest Psalmist-5:30PM
February 20th-          The Dorinda Clark-Cole Show TV Taping
March 10th-               Lively Stone Church of God-St. Louis, MO
                                     Bishop Lee Scott-Pastor
                                     Men & Women's Conference
                                     Guest Speaker-11AM
March 24th-               True Holiness Deliverance Temple-Milan, TN
                                     Pastor Jeremy D. Seward-Pastor
                                     Annual Women's Day
                                     Guest Speaker-11AM
March 27th-               The Gospel Experience-Las Vegas, NV
                                     "The 15" Artist Showcase
April 25th-                  IPYPU Empowerment Conference-Philadelphia, PA
                                     Evangelist Freda Morrison-IPYPU President
                                     Guest Speaker
May 2nd & 3rd-         New Orleans Jazz Festival-New Orleans, LA
                                     w/Dr. Bobby Jones & The Nashville Super Choir
May 4th-                    Faith Deliverance Temple-Dyersburg, TN
                                     Bishop Denard Williams-Pastor
                                     Annual Youth Conference
                                     Guest Speaker 6pm
June 9th-                    Praise Covenant Church-New Albany, IN
                                     Bishop Dr. William L. Harris IV-Pastor
                                     Pentecost Celebration
                                     Guest Speaker 12 Noon
June 29th-                  Ambassadors for Christ Ministries-Lexington, KY
                                     Pastor Angela Jett-Pastor
                                     Women's Conference
                                     Guest Speaker-2pm
July 21st-                   New Freedom Missionary Baptist Church-Nashville, TN
                                    Pastor Corey Osborne-Pastor
                                    Guest Speaker-11am
July 27th-                  2019 Level Up Gospel Experience-Lebanaon, TN
                                    288 Trousdale Ferry Pike, Lebanon, TN
                                    Guest Artist-6pm
August 12th-              P.A.W. Summer Convention-Cincinnati, OH
                                    IMCWA Recharge Session
August 12th-             P.A.W. Summer Convention-Cincinnati, OH
                                   Bishop Theodore Brooks-Presiding Bishop
                                   Ushering In His Presence Service
September 6th-7th-Voices of Gospel Music Awards-Mobile, AL
                                    Award Nominee
September 14th-       Greater Love Temple-Indianapolis, IN
                                    Pastor Anthony W. Elliott-Pastor
                                    Unstoppable Women's Conference
                                    Guest Speaker-6pm 
October 10th-12th-  Kingdom Image Awards-Columbus, OH
                                    Award Nominee
October 20th-          Renew 2019-Fort Lauderdale, FL
                                   Elder Marc J. LaGree-Host
                                   The Victory Church
                                   Pastor Larry Baker-Host Pastor
                                   Guest Speaker-4pm
November 16th-      Harvesters Warehouse Pentecostal Church Women's Conference-Franklin,TN
                                   Pastor Cressie Adams-Pastor
                                   Guest Speaker-1pm
December 1st-          Annual Word AIDS Prayer Concert-Erie, PA
                                   Urban Outreach Ministries/Erie Awareness Outreach-Host
                                   Guest Artist-5pm
2018 Itinerary
 March 17th-               First Apostolic Council of KY & TN-Owensboro, KY
                                      Youth Seminar
                                      Owensboro Convention Center
                                      Presenter-12 Noon
April 27th-                   Trueway Church-Nashville, TN
                                      Praise Fest
                                      Bishop H.D. Davenport-Pastor
                                      Guest Psalmist-7 pm 
April 29th-                   New Hope Baptist Church-Nashville, TN
                                      Rev. James C. Turner-Pastor
                                      Guest Psalmist-11am
May 8th-                     5th Annual GMA Honors & Hall of Fame Ceremony-Nashville, TN
                                     Allen Arena, Lipscomb University
                                     Singing with Dr. Bobby Jones & The Nashville Super Choir
June 30th-                 First Apostolic Council of KY & TN-Louisville, KY
                                    Youth Seminar
                                    Greater Bethel Apostolic Church
July 12th-                   New Abundant Life Church-Humboldt, TN
                                    Pastor Albert Simmons-Pastor
                                    Youth Conference
                                    Guest Speaker-7:30 pm
July 15th-                  First Baptist Church South Inglewood-Nashville, TN 
                                    Pastor Napoleon Harris-Pastor
                                    Guest Psalmist-10:30am
September 22nd      Freedom of Worship Outreach Church-Murfreesboro, TN 
                                   Bishop Joe & Pastor Ann Cross-Pastors
                                   "Worship in White" Concert
                                   6pm-Guest Soloist
September 27th-      First Apostolic Council of KY & TN-Nashville, TN
                                    Bishop Sherman Merritt-Diocesan
                                    Missionary and Christian Women Association
October 4th-            Greater First Deliverance Church-Oklahoma City, OK
                                   Suffragan Bishop Vanuel C Little, Jr-Senior Pastor
                                   3rd Pastoral Anniversary & 45th Church Conference 
                                   Guest Speaker-7pm   
October 21st-            Dr. Bobby Jones Presents-Nashville,TN
                                   TV Taping Mt. Zion Baptist Church-Antioch Location
                                   Featured Artist-4pm
October 27th-           Emmanuel Temple Church of the Apostolic Faith-Sandusky, OH
                                   Suffragan Bishop Rufus Sanders, Ph..D.-Pastor
                                   Woman's Conference
                                   Guest Speaker-10am
October 28th-          Emmanuel Temple Church of the Apostolic Faith-Sandusky, OH
                                   Suffragan Bishop Rufus Sanders, Ph..D.-Pastor
                                   Woman's Conference
                                   Guest Speaker-11am
November 2nd-       Church of the Messiah-Nashville, TN
                                   Pastor Bryan Williams-Pastor
                                   Guest Psalmist:-7:30pm
November 11th-      Gospel United MBC-Nashville, TN
                                   Bishop-Elect Carlos Jones-Pastor
                                   Annual Women's Day
                                   Guest Speaker-11am
November 27th-      The Treva and Kevin Show-Murfreesboro, TN
                                   TV Taping for My TV 30
November 30th-      The Bellamy Group & Friends Christmas Special-Atlanta, GA
                                    WATC TV
December 22nd-       A Joyful Christmas Celebration-Nashville, TN
                                     92Q Joy in the Morning Crew
                                    Judah Temple of Praise Church
                                    Guest Artist-5pm