2016 Itenerary


February 27th-            Celebration Banquet-Ft. Campbell, KY

                                     Bishop Maybeline Sturdivant-Honoree

                                     Guest Psalmist- 4pm


February 28th-            Dr. Bobby Jones "New Beginnings" Tour-Murfreesboro, TN

                                     Olive Branch MBC



March 13th-                Dr. Bobby Jones "New Beginnings" Tour-Clarksville, TN

                                     St. John Baptist Church



March 16th-                      Zion Christian Assembly- Columbus, OH

                                     Bishop William Polley-Pastor

                                     Guest Speaker-7:30pm


March 27th-                Greaster First Deliverance Temple-Oklahoma City, OK

                                     Dr. Vanuel C Little Jr-Pastor

                                     Guest Soloist-11am


 April 17th-                  Harvest Time Apostolic Church-Riverdale , GA

                                     Bishop Joel Trout-Pastor

                                     Women's Weekend

                                     Guest Speaker-11:30am


May  21st-                   Promise Land Apostolic Church-Terre Haute, IN

                                    Pastor Kenneth W. Coffman-Pastor


                                    Guest Artist-5pm


June  15th-                  Old Time Power Conference-St. Louis, MO

                                    Bishop Alfonso Scott-Host Pastor

                                    Service held at Holiday Inn (Waston Road)

                                    Day Session Speaker-Time TBD


July 8th-                      New Harvest Community Church-Columbia, TN

                                    Suff. Bishop Carl McCullen-Pastor

                                    Annual Youth Weekend

                                    Guest Speaker-7pm


July 10th-                   New Harvest Community Church-Columbia, TN

                                   Suff. Bishop Carl McCullen-Pastor

                                   Annual Youth Weekend

                                   Guest Speaker-10am


July 20th-                   Greater Emmanuel International Fellowship-Columbus, OH

                                   2016 Holy Convocation

                                   Bishop Edward Shouse-Presiding Prelate

                                   Women's Ministry

                                   Guest Speaker-7:30pm

July 24th-                   Hope For You Family Life & Worship Center-Cincinnati, OH

                                   Annual Youth Weekend

                                   Bishop Larry Dempsey-Pastor

                                   Guest Speaker-11:30am

Aug. 3rd-6th-            P.A.W. Summer Convention-Kansas City, MO

Sept. 16th-               Divine Destiny Praise & Worship Center-Cincinnati, OH

                                 Bishop Michael Cephas-Pastor

                                 Guest Speaker-7:30pm

Oct 7th-                   Temple of Deliverance Ministries-Henderson, KY

                                 Pastor Thomas Parks-Pastor

                                 1st Lady Appreciation

                                 Guest Speaker-7:30pm        







2015 Itenerary



March 15th-                True Holiness Deliverance Temple-Milan, TN

                                     Pastor Jeremy Seward-Pastor

                                     Annual Women's Conference

                                     Guest Speaker-11am


March 27th-28th         First Apostolic Council of KY & TN-Owensboro, KY


April 5th-                     Greater Bethel Temple-Louisville, KY

                                     Suff. Bishop Eugene Stewart

                                     Guest Speaker-11:30am


April 26th-                   Mt. Zion Baptist Church-Jackson, TN

                                     Pastor Shamond Scales-Pastor

                                     Guest Psalmist-4pm


May 2nd-                     PCAF National Women's Forum-Nashville, TN

                                     Nashville Airport Marriott

                                     Lady Nancy Franklin-Gates-Host

                                     Guest Speaker-Celebration Brunch


May 2nd-                     MTSU Generation of Praise Choir-Murfreesboro, TN

                                     Olive Branch M.B.C.

                                     Guest Soloist-6:30pm


May 22nd-24th-           Dr. Bobby Jones & The Nashville Super Choir

                                     "Thank You" Tour           

                                      Cincinatti, OH, Lexington, KY & Louisville, KY


June 13th-                     Ambassador's For Christ Minitries-Lexington, KY

                                      Pastor Angela Jett-Pastor

                                      "Take Me To The King" Womens Conference

                                      Guest Speaker-2pm


June 14th-                     Trueway Church-Nashville, TN

                                      Bishop Henry Davenport-Pastor

                                      Family and Friends Day

                                      Guest Artist-10am


June 19th-                    Judah Temple of Praise-Nashville, TN

                                     W.A.R. National Youth Conference

                                     Guest Psalmist-7pm


June 28th-                   Olivet Missionary Baptist Church-Nashville, TN

                                    Michael L. Cousins-Pastor

                                    Annual Woman's Day

                                    Guest Speaker-10am


June 28th-                    Christ Temple New Assembly-Lexington, KY

                                     D/E Anna Davis-Pastor

                                     Women's Day

                                     Guest Speaker-5:00pm


July 23-August 2nd-    TV Taping for BET's "Bobby Jones Gospel"-Washington, D.C.


August  8th-                 Kingdom Fellowship Living Word Ministries-Georgetown, KY

                                     Pastor Stacey McDonald-Pastor

                                     Church Revival

                                     Guest speaker-5:30pm


September 19th-        First Baptist Church-Gallatin, TN

                                    Pastor Derrick L. Jackson-Pastor

                                    Benefit Concert feat. Ricky Dillard & New G

                                    Guest Artist-6pm


September 26th-       Celebration of Life Church-Hendersonville, TN

                                   Sr. Pastors Joseph & Yolanda Morgan

                                   Recovery Fest-Hosted by Pastor Wess Morgan

                                   Guest Psalmist-10am